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How to Design Custom Coins

Published / by Janet Richmond

Designing custom coins can be a grueling task that most are usually unprepared for. It may seem simple at first, but designing a coin is actually a lot more difficult than it looks. There are plenty of things that a person has to consider or think about when they hit the drawing board.

Thankfully, here at ChallengeCoins4Less.com we can make our customers’ lives a lot easier. Our in house artists are talented and experienced employees who are more than willing to cater to our customer’s needs. We can easily streamline and make the entire design process a lot easier.

Despite our talented artists, customers still play a huge role in designing their coin. Here are some of the important considerations that a customer has to think about when designing their custom coins.


This is perhaps the most important part of the design process for a customized coin. All our customers want a coin that will stand out – a coin that will be eye catching and timeless at the same time. The artists at ChallengeCoins4Less.com can make such a coin.

Custom Coins Design

That doesn’t mean that the customer doesn’t participate. On the contrary, the customer’s input is quite important. The customer has to at least have an idea or concept in their head – an idea of what they want their coin to look like.

Customers don’t even need to have a sketch. Our artists often collaborate with customers to design a coin that will suit their needs. Customers give our artists direction and our artists do the work. The artists here at ChallengeCoins4Less.com act like the hand of our customers. They have a vision in mind and our artists can make their ideas a reality.

Size and Shape

The next important part of the design process is size and shape. Coins actually come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Contrary to what a lot of people think, coins don’t just come in their usual circle shape. Some coins can actually be cut to match the customer’s needs or wants. This is one of the best things about customized coins.

Popular choices are the run of the mill shapes like a diamond, triangle, circle, and so on. Then there are those customers who are very particular with the shape. Some like to have their coins cut in the shape of a state or say the logo or symbol of their organization.

Metal and finish

Metal and finish play a huge role in how a coin will end up looking. ChallengeCoins4Less.com has a lot of different metals to offer. We get our metals from some of the best people in the business and you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll get what you’re paying for.

Gold, silver, nickel, and brass are the four different types of metals that our customers can choose from. Each type of metal also has a finish to it. It can be either shiny or antique in its finish.

Those who want to make their custom coins look extra fancy can opt to use a dual tone. It’s a little bit more expensive, but coins with a duo tone finish look splendid and can really add a lot to its look.



Coins can be engraved with words. Customers usually choose to place dates, the name of their organization, the event where the coin is given out, or their organization’s motto. Whatever the case might be, ChallengeCoins4Less.com is happy to engrave whatever message our customer wants on their coins.

They don’t just choose what to write, but also the font type and size. In addition, customers get to choose where and how to place the words on their coins.

Extra features

The story of these customized coins is that they were used by soldiers to challenge one another in a bar. A soldier slams the coin in front of another member of his unit. The challenged soldier’s failure to show his coin obliges him to buy a round of drinks. Those who do and meet the challenge by slamming their own coin. The challenger then ends up having to buy the round instead.

Custom- Coins- Design

Today’s coins are a lot more functional than they used to be. ChallengeCoins4Less.com can make a coin that serves as a bottle opener, a key chain, and so much more. Our customers delight at the idea of making the coin a little bit more functional by adding that extra feature. Sure it may cost a little bit more, but adding these features to custom coins can go a long way in making them extra special.


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