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How Can Help You Develop Your SEO Strategy

Published / by Beatrice Banks

SEO strategies differ from one company to the other. That’s because different companies offer different types of products. Various companies also have varying approach on how they want to market their products online. At we make sure that the SEO strategy we develop is the best type of SEO strategy for your product.seo-strategy

To give you an idea of how we make this happen, we look at some of the more general steps that we make in order to develop your SEO strategy. Note the term general steps. This means that there’s more to creating an SEO strategy that these steps alone. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can develop an SEO strategy for your company then visit for more details.

1. We develop the right kind of keywords –

Keywords are some of the most important elements of an SEO strategy. It is important that you have the right kind of keywords so that your clients can find you easily. Say you are a company that sells pencils. All your keywords should point to pencils. So we will help you find at least 10 keywords with pencil at its center. Why ten? We feel that less than 10 are too few. We want to make sure that all our bases are covered so we make 10 or more as there are so many ways people search for things on the internet these days.


You might argue about putting in some keywords relating to pencils like erasers or papers into the list of keywords that we should use. While these might work but there’s no guarantee that it will. Most search engine algorithms take into consideration relevance to the search and number of words matching with the search. So if someone searches for “pencils with scented erasers” and your keyword is only “pencils and erasers” you might have a chance of increasing search engine relevance. On the other hand, if your keywords are only “nice smelling eraser” then the algorithm might not pick it up easily as relating to the search that the user has made.

All in all we want to make sure that the keywords are fresh and relevant. It should always be connected to the product that you are trying to sell.

2. We create a link building plan –

Link building is another important element in SEO strategies. Link building naturally takes time and effort. It is not something that you create in just one day. Most search engine algorithms look for link backs that are created naturally meaning they are never forced or created just for the sake of having a link back to the site. So you can forget about creating a website or a blog just to point back to your website. That’s a bad SEO strategy.

Link building involves making sure that your company’s name or product is mentioned several times in different posts and these posts consequently link back to your website. We at make sure this happens by putting word out to industry influencers and bloggers related to your industry to help make your product known. We have a wide network of actual bloggers and people who can help make your product or company topic of interest easily.

3. We keep abreast of all the latest trends in SEO Strategies –

We know how fast paced the SEO industry is so we make sure that we keep up to date with the latest rules, algorithm, trend and information that can help with improve your SEO strategy. We continuously strive to improve our craft so your SEO strategy will always be at par with the latest in SEO trends.

4. We constantly review how your SEO strategy is doing –

seo-strategiesA good SEO company always checks how the campaign is doing. We at know that once an SEO strategy is in place it still isn’t 100% foolproof. It still has to be constantly reviewed and revised based on the responses and data analysis that comes after it has been put in place. That’s where you need help the most. Analyzing how your SEO strategy is doing is our job as your SEO consultants. We have to make adjustments based on results after a few days, a few weeks and a few months. We always make sure to track and measure the success of your SEO strategy to see how effective it is.

5. We use the right tools and we have the right people for the job –

We have the right kind of data analysis tools needed to make sure that your SEO strategy is being tracked and measured. We have highly competent SEO strategists with plenty of experience in developing SEO strategies. Our professional team is ready to listen and brainstorm with you in order to create a great campaign for your company or product. Visit our website to book an appointment with one of our talented executives.