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Jump On The Fashion Trend Of Patches

Published / by Petra James

The 60s and 70s are back but with a modern twist. The laid back devil-may-care charm of the hippy culture made its rise to the mainstream as more and more people are sporting patches to make a fashion statement.

patchesAlthough the trend was at its peak around five decades ago with its use on aviator jackets and various denim clothing, the trend had later subsided and concentrated into the punk subgroup as well as in various youth groups such as scouts and campers.

With today’s obsession on vintage aesthetics and alternative designs however, the trend has resurfaced and has become a popular look in recent seasons. The do-it-yourself movement also fueled its return, as more and more individuals across the world would prefer to personalize their own clothing.

We’ve seen many celebrities rock them out. The designs have made their way to the runways. Click this website to know more about patches. Art and do-it-yourself enthusiasts have made tons of them and added them to their own clothes. Fashionistas aiming to reference punk or hippie aesthetics sport them in the streets or in the malls. There is no denying that patches are very trendy. No matter what style you have, be it punk, metal, laid back or youthful, we could help you get the styles you want quick and easy.


Choose Your Side

There are two major subcultures that elected patches into the world of fashion: the hippie subculture and the punk subculture. The hippie subculture, which boomed in the 60s, was generally seen as a free-spirited, vagrant movement that advocated for peace and love in the time of war and conflict. This reflected in their fashion choices, which mostly obscured the differences between male and female clothing. Many wore denim jackets with embroidered symbols as a reaction to the prevailing gender differences of the time and as a way to advocate for alternative deviant fashion.

PatchesWhen the hippie subculture waned, the punk subculture replaced it in the 70s. Unlike the light-hearted hippie subculture, punk was generally described as an aggressive, anti-authority movement that emphasized individual freedom. With the emergence of multiple punk rock bands, members of the punk movement took the time to attach a patch of their favorite bands on their jackets and other pieces of clothing. They also began attaching various non-punk embellishments to their clothes. These are a statement of individuality because the various additions to their clothing show off multiple sides of a single person’s personality.

Today’s reemerging trend fuses the two subcultures to both reflect the light, carefree nature of embroidered and iron-on patches, and their ability to bring out the wearer’s personality. Many people have decided to add a customized patch to their clothes as both a fun activity and as an expressive, artistic pastime. When speaking of fashion, cartoony and humorous styles such as fruit, animals or statements are a very popular among teenagers and children, especially young girls. The appeal actually transfers quite well to adults, where playful statements can be added to jackets for women, and urban, rugged logos are added to jackets for men.


Join In On The Fun

If You Can Think It, We Can Make It.

Whatever you want to show, whether you are carefree like a hippie or expressive like a punk, we got you covered. We offer high-quality customized embroidered and iron-on patches at affordable prices. Just tell us what size, shape, and type you want them to be, and our dedicated teams can work on them as soon as possible.

Whether you want a logo, an illustration, or a statement to adorn to your clothes, the possibilities are limitless. Make one for yourself and your best friend. Or, make a set for your whole family and add them to your favorite clothes. A customized patch can make you and the special people in your life feel wonderful.


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