Month: August 2016

Different Properties Of Golf Balls

Published / by William Hawks

If you’re shopping for golf balls, let Rockbottomgolf be your guide. And to help you decide which type of ball to use, here are two of the most important considerations to look into: construction and spin.


The construction of your golf ball greatly influences the way it reacts when it comes into contact with the club. Balls can be made of one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four-piece or five-piece.


Golf-ballOne-piece balls are the most basic and made predominantly for beginners and on driving ranges. These balls are typically made from a compact Surlyn piece with dimples molded in. They are durable and have a soft feel to them when hit. One-piece balls are also the most inexpensive to produce. They are, however, rarely used as playing balls due to their low compression.


Two-piece balls are used by most golfers because they combine durability with full distance. These balls often have hard plastic, solid core, which is usually a high-energy resin or acrylate. This core is enclosed in a tough, cut-proof cover that gives them the ability to achieve greater distance compared to other balls. Two-piece golf balls provide a firmer feel but aren’t as easily controlled as softer balls. They are almost indestructible and have a high rolling distance, making them a popular choice among everyday golfers.


Three-piece balls are made either with a liquid or a solid rubber core. They are softer than one-piece and two-piece balls and they spin more, which means you will have more control over the placement and flight of your ball. Manufacturers often add extra layers to the ball to allow the players to create more spin separation. The more layers a golf ball has, the more customized the performance will be.


The properties of four-piece golf balls are relatively similar to those of three-piece balls, but with better control and feel. Each piece or layer in a four-piece ball serves a specific purpose. These layers work collectively to provide the softest feeling, longest hitting golf ball.


The first layer of the ball, which is the inner core, is made with a solid rubber that is chiefly designed to provide great distances. The inner core is followed by the inner cover, the layer that is purported to transfer energy to the hot core, coming from the strike.

The next layer is the middle cover. This layer aims to increase the distance while creating mid iron feel and spin around the field. Finally, the outer cover provides the feel of the ball itself. It is the thinnest layer and usually contains 300 to 400 dimples.


Five-piece balls are the most recent advancement in golf ball design. They can also use more layers and materials to provide better performance benefits and more spin separation. These balls typically feature 3 mantle layers which are sandwiched between a soft urethane cover and a high-speed core. Each layer of the mantle responds to different swing speeds and shots in an attempt to create the most optimized performance possible. Although the most expensive, five-piece golf balls provide the highest, professional-level performance.


This property of balls allows players to achieve the greatest control possible for each shot by reducing the degree to which the golf ball spins when struck. Balls can have low, mid, or high spin capability.

Low Spin

Golf ballA golf ball with low spin has the tendency to reduce the side spin of each of your shots, and this allows for a straighter ball flight. Although the ball does not travel far into the air, it will have an increased roll when it lands due to the lack of spin. If you’re the kind of player that slices the ball or has difficulty finding distance on the green, then a low spinning ball is most suitable for you.

Mid Spin

Mid spinning balls bridge the gap between low and high spinning golf balls. They give solid distance with different softness and feel (depending on the brand) and are aimed towards a wide range of golfers. Most major manufacturers produce mid spinning balls as they believe these are suitable for most golf players.

High Spin

High spinning balls are designed to improve the spin of the ball while in flight. When you hit a golf ball, it will be released into the open air with a particular degree of back spin. A golf ball with high spin will increase that back spin and produce an extended carry. If you’re a player that strikes the ball from right to left and with a draw, this may be the right ball for you.

By determining what your usual tasks on the green are and choosing a golf ball that is designed to help you achieve such tasks, you can be well on your way towards becoming a competent golfer that everyone will take as a serious and tough competition.

The Benefits You Reap From Motivational-Speaker-Success

Published / by Ruth Harmon

Motivation is essential in any person’s life. It drives people. It influences their behaviors, and it keeps them going until they achieve their goals. Motivation enables you to work for things you want to accomplish in your personal life. In work, motivation allows employees to set and embrace goals and focus their energies into reaching those goals. Highly motivated employees are essential to a thriving business.

Hiring speakers who can provide motivational-speaker-success helps to infuse vigor and focus into your organization and employees.

It allows your organization to enjoy significant benefits.

• Provides Inspiration

Motivational-speaker-success makes your employees see work and relationships from a fresh perspective. It makes them realize that what they do matters to the company. It inspires them to do well in their jobs.

An effective motivational speaker makes people feel more positive about themselves, their jobs and their relationships. He can inspire people to become happier and more productive in what they do. He provides inspiration from his own life experiences. He enables participants to draw insights from these experiences and to relate these realizations to their own personal goals, and to the goals of the company, as well.

• Develops Knowledge and Skills

Motivational-speaker-success makes it possible for employees to deepen their knowledge and develop or enhance important skills. After attending a seminar or workshop, they bring with them take-away information and tools to make them better workers and more enlightened individuals.

When you choose a motivational speaker, make sure to choose one who can tailor a program according to the specific needs of your people and organization. He should be capable of drawing on his own experiences and tailor-fit his presentation so that the participants can relate to the insights he shares with them.

• Allows Dynamic Change to Happen

Adapting to change enables an organization to stay dynamic and productive. However, not all people are open to change. It takes a vibrant, highly persuasive and innovative motivational speaker to help introduce change to your organization. He can help make people embrace change – to see it not as a threat, but as an effective means to make things better.

• Improves Morale and Attitudes

There are many things that affect an individual’s morale. Some of these things may have no basis in fact, but they still have negative consequences where morale is concerned. Gossip about a pending layoff – whether true or not – is likely to result in a toxic work environment. A boss who is perceived as unaccommodating, unappreciative and non-supportive may likewise cause morale to take a nose dive.

Getting a motivational speaker is an effective way to get to the root of negative attitudes, thresh out problems and work out solutions. It helps workers view their roles and work responsibilities from a fresh perspective. It restores confidence, renews passion for work, and reinvigorates people to work more single-mindedly to reach shared goals.

• Promotes Fresh Ideas

Your team may be hard-put to come up with fresh ideas and new creative concepts. This slump can cause a ripple effect that affects employee morale, sales, and customer service. You may find your profits sliding. You may lose your competitive advantage.

Many organizations find that taking time out with a motivational speaker can prove effective in overcoming the dearth of ideas. Motivational-speaker-success often results to providing a setting, which inspires employees to draw on their expertise, share ideas and translate these thoughts into actionable solutions.

Leaders are constantly searching for means and ways to inspire their team. They think of perks to help boost productivity, read books on effective supervision and attend management workshops to help them achieve this goal.

We can help you develop teamwork and help you reach your organizational objectives by providing effective leadership and employee development and motivational training programs customized to your organization. Log on to to find out how we can help you reach your company’s goals.